This is the time to be psychic.

This time in history will be remembered as a health crisis, and that’s what’s happening in the body, in the physical. It’s a terrible, terrible time – just as all great humanitarian disasters have been before it. But it will also be seen historically as a crisis of spirit – and by that I mean a crisis of meaning, and that’s something happening in the energy of things. It is a crisis of who we are in spirit and the spiritual agreements that hold us together as communities in the body.

When we talk about being psychic, most people only see one side of that – the being sensitive and receptive to energy – feeling others energy, hearing or seeing their thoughts, their inner lives. But there’s another part of being psychic that is often not acknowledged, and that’s being able to direct or change energy. Being psychic isn’t just about being a receptor – it’s also about being a projector. Being psychic isn’t only about sensing, it is about directing energy.

Throughout history, the sensitives, the artists, the psychics have had a huge impact on the cultural and community agreements in the world. A thriving economy is one thing, but an economy that is de-void of spirit, or not aligned to anything in spirit, is empty. This is the job of the sensitives, the psychics, the artists – to say hello to and acknowledge the spirit of things. The energy behind the physical, the energy behind what is surface. Why we do the things we do, to what aim? But to be able to see that, sense that, know that – to be able to direct energy, to change energy – one has to have command of their own psychic space, ownership of their own psychic energy – not being the effect of others or the world. You can’t help in a crisis if you match to the energy of a crisis. Any first responder will tell you that. You can’t help someone from a well if you’ve fallen in with.

There are people on the front lines as first responders for the body – the healthcare workers, the doctors, the soldiers, the medical teams – they are so important for the physical part of this crisis. There are great minds working on reframing philosophical ideas and intellectual constructs around our society and culture. There are researchers and geneticists in labs trying to solve the virus with vaccines, treatments through great intellect. There has to be room for spiritual first responders too. People who take leadership in the energy.

The picture for what comes next is not yet made; we are making trillions of choices everyday – individually and as groups that are determining the future that is coming. Nothing is set in stone. It’s up to the world to come together and visualize, to see the path forward and to determine what we are moving towards. Are we doing that from fear or from strength? Are we working to preserve the old ways or using this crisis to let what is old and outdated fall away in service of a new future for us all? A Psychic can help with that. 

So what we are teaching; tools and techniques for having ownership of your energy and your ability to sense, see, and know are relevant now more than ever. Being aware of the energy – your own, everyone else’s, what’s happening, how to participate efficiently and effectively for yourself and your communities – it vital and urgent.

As a psychic, a creative, a teaching artist – I feel like I’ve been training for this time my whole life, tho I didn’t know it. 

  • Psychics are used to navigating the unknown, to being comfortable with the unexplainable, the irrational, and the undeterminable. 
  • Psychics are the visionaries and creatives who build possible futures by creating new energetic pictures, or frameworks. 
  • Psychics understand energy; rhythm, energetic flow, and having space. We are healers and can direct and change energy.
  • We know how to create – and destroy with energy, to keep things moving so we don’t get stuck in old ways of thinking, feeling, and being.
  • We bear witness to the long arc of history by seeing the spirit of things – in other people, in agreements, in symbols, in mental image pictures.
  • We challenge authority and reframe the world by working our own energy first.
About the Author: William Pacholski PPS Teacher
William has been studying artistry, creativity, spirituality, and psychic abilities his whole life. In 2015 he merged these passions and created Portland Psychic School, where he teaches full time. He also sees clients in private appointment online and in person. You can contact him directly at or 1-833-284-3258 x 700.

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