The Past isn’t in the Past

In our Clairvoyant Training, one of the first things you learn is how to read a past life. As a psychic, reading a past life can be a useful tool not only for understanding who the person you’re reading is, but how energy from the past is influencing and affecting the present day. Sharing insights from this can be a great healing to the person you’re reading, and as a psychic it can be a useful tool to learn about energy patterns – and the way energy is stored and catalogued in spirit. It’s also a ton of fun; it highlights where part of the magic in giving a reading is in painting a nuanced picture for the person you’re reading.

We have all had situations in our life where some challenge or calamity happens to us and it seems to make no sense, or it is disproportionate given the circumstances. Also, there may be things that seem to reoccur; we find ourselves in the same situations or jams again and again, no matter what we do. Another way of seeing this is, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Why? If “Karma” is real, then why would bad things happen to people who are kind-hearted, giving, and loving?

I certainly don’t have the answer to these questions, but as a Psychic and a Clairvoyant, there are things I have seen by reading this over the years that are worth noting; like all things, it is a nuanced and complex topic. My hope is that sharing some of my insights may prompt others to look for themselves at this, and discover what resonates with them, or what they find to be true.

  1. The first thing to realize about past lives, or reincarnation, is that it is not a minority belief – even tho we have been conditioned in our Industrialized Western culture to believe that it is. The doctrine of spiritual renewal is accepted by well over a Billion people on the planet, whether through religious dogma, or by the influence and acknowledgement our most illustrious and well-known philosophical thinkers. You could almost say that NOT being aware of or accepting of a doctrine supporting belief in the reincarnation of spirit is a rather novel, modern invention of thought. And in that may lie some of the compounding issues and conflict inherent in our modern lives.
  2. Some of the most popular objections to the concept of past lives is due to a great mis-information and misunderstanding of what the whole point of a past life is; most importantly that people believe past lives are judged based on one as a “good child” and on accumulating some savings balance of “good karma” to mitigate some original sin or fundamental “wrong-ness” of spirit. This is simply not true – there is no “bank” of karma, and there is no “judgement” outside of one’s own realized growth and autonomy. Karma is simply unresolved energy or unfinished business; karma is not a debit and credit system – notice how closely that misinformation aligns to our industrialized, Western thought patterns! Somehow, Karma has gotten inappropriately wrapped up in the law of cause and effect. You can have a cause and an effect with no karma; you can have karma with no cause or effect.
  3. The Irish have a folk saying, “The past isn’t in the past.” The past is right here in the room with you, even now. It is saved on the hard drive of your brain as memory, and in the genetics of the body, and of course in the catalogue of your experiences as spirit. Most people are walking around carrying the heavy burden of this truth; overpowered by painful memories of their past, carrying genetic trauma from ancestors, and unprocessed information from numerous lifetimes – but without a way to integrate and resolve those experiences in the present. Science is just now starting to validate what the ancient philosophers, seers, and oracles have always known – there is fascinating research being done on shared trauma and the way it encodes in human genetics. Therapists since the dawn of modern psychotherapy have relied on information from the subconscious memory to show influence over present and future behavioral patterns. There is a parallel and co-existing spiritual component to this.
  4. Being a mature adult in the world who has learned to carry one’s own burdens and create from a place of accountability and self-sufficiency leads to a fundamental alignment of spiritual purpose in a lifetime. You can extrapolate that out to a soul’s journey over many lifetimes; working through scenarios and testing out ways of being that cause accelerated growth and development over time is the best and fastest way to “graduate” to new levels of creativity in spirit. Just like shuffling the cards each time you play a game changes both the experience of playing and the potential outcome, so do shuffling one’s life circumstances each incarnation. But the player remains the same. This is a way of leading us over time towards the most direct and autonomous expression of an individual spirit. The point is to play the game enough times to exhaust all potential outcomes and situations and mine each round for growth through experience.
  5. Experience is a great teacher, but it is not until the individual spirit wakes up in their experience and can observe itself, that experience has value. Sometimes that shock of waking up takes an outside pressure or hello, sometimes like a flowering it happens completely on its own. Lifetimes are meant to be challenges of spiritual growth and development; if we cannot encounter our day to day experiences with self-observation, the growth offered by each experience will be lost on us and we will be forced to repeat the experiences until we can observe and integrate. Nobody escapes the necessity of growth, even by willful ignorance. But the real deal is after this – if you are just waking up in spirit to your spirit – and spiritual mechanics, then you likely have a lot of past life energy to review, and karma to release or overcome.
  6. Many people are seeking an answer to understanding mankind’s place in the world; the answer is so straightforward it is hiding in plain sight! We are individual beings bound together in a common human experience in a physical reality. In our various cultures and societies we go through certain life experiences in common – the nature of a collective agreement brings us into these times and places where certain experiences are made available. It is a) how we participate, b) are the effect of, and c) integrate the experience in our body and spirit – that matters.
  7. We are where we belong, always – each moment is the culmination of every moment before it – stretching all the way back to the origin of life itself. We are all the flowering of our previous experiences. Just as you are who you are at 30 because of the choices you made when you were 20, so you are who you are in this lifetime because of the events and unresolved energy from 2, 5, or 50 lifetimes ago.

If it does not look like you are in the life you deserve or would like to be experiencing, that is the first indication that there is something for you to have by having a look at your past lives. If you are stuck in problems that keep repeating, or you are bored or frustrated with the problems of your life, it may be because they aren’t the right challenges or aligned to where you really are in spirit. If your life choices are not leading you into new opportunities of creativity and self-expression – then there is unresolved or unfinished business to reconcile into your past experiences, whether from this lifetime or past lives.

Becoming conscious to this can be a great healing to your spirit and body, and can bring illumination to the moment you find yourself in, and also the future you wish to create.

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About the Author: William Pacholski PPS Teacher
William has been studying artistry, creativity, spirituality, and psychic abilities his whole life. In 2015 he merged these passions and created Portland Psychic School, where he teaches full time. He also sees clients in private appointment online and in person. You can contact him directly at or 1-833-284-3258 x 700.

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