The Energy of Complication vs Simplicity as a Mystic

Perception is crucial to the psychic; in a way, how you perceive an experience is the experience itself. How you see, and what you see determine how you will have, or how you will be in an experience. Your Clairvoyance is the lens through which you see energy. Your perception of energy as a Clairvoyant determines the way the world, your energy, and the energy around you will behave for you and toward you.

Consider the differing energies of complication and simplicity; and how you perceive them as part of your creative process and creative flow. As someone on a mystic path, you are attracted to the dichotomy of these energies, tho you may not have ever thought of it in this way. We have all heard complex, spiritual truths said very plainly, very simply. And we have all been with someone who is trying to say something very simple in an unnecessarily complicated way. Off this dichotomy, sometimes the most simple things are full of joy when given room and space to breathe into more complicated expressions of themselves. The interplay between simplicity and complication is a beautiful, sometimes maddening, and often unconscious energy to a Psychic, and to a Mystic.

When working on a creative endeavor, so often we start with something that sounds fun, or lovely, or beautiful – and quickly become acutely overwhelmed by the impossibility of the end picture of the task, project, or creation. This sense of complication – the pictures of magnitude, and size, the amount of space and energy it takes up – begins to mirror itself in the energy you bring towards your creative space. You may find yourself paralyzed by this overwhelm, and soon not able to create at all. As a psychic the energy you are bringing to your endeavor is in your own way.

You set a deadline or goal with great 3rd Chakra commitment, believing that sheer will and concerted effort and will will break through this membrane of energy, but all it creates is resistance and effort, which drains the creative spirit. There is no greater antidote to the creative flow, nothing that will more quickly squash and lower your creative vibration. The mental image picture that looms large and haunts you is simply a perception of the impossibility of your task. This is “writer’s block”. But writer’s block – the energy of a psychic block – can affect anything; not just writers. Any creative endeavor can fall victim to the overwhelming complication of energy – and the mental image pictures that accompany it. It’s literally this compounded, complicated energy that gets in the way of the creative flow. As a creative, and as a psychic, this energy can simply be said hello to and cleared.

One of my favorite writers who writes about writing, Anne Lamott, in her book “Bird by Bird”, extolls the virtue of just writing – simply, and every day. You can’t focus on the larger, more complicated mockup of a writing a novel or a book, you simply write the next thing you are interested in, or the next part of the story. If that seems too much, or too complicated, you simply write the next page. If that seems too much, you write the next paragraph. And if that is too much, just focus on the next word! Once you’ve written all you have to say, you can begin the process of simplifying – going back and editing, or culling that which is unnecessary to the bigger picture of the work. Getting caught in the simplification process or editing while you are complicating or creating, is dangerous. The key lies here in knowing, for yourself, where am I in this process? Am I adding to or complicating things consciously, or am I in the part of the pendulum swing of editing or taking away? Am I conscious to where I am working in my own process and giving myself space to be in it?

To a psychic, everything is energy, so where we get caught here in our Creative process is not evaluating and reading the energy of our situation from a neutral Clairvoyant perspective, and being aware in our knowing of our place in the cycle of dreaming – of creating and destroying, but also complicating or building – and the inverse – simplifying and editing. Once you see and know this dichotomy, and find your ways of working energy around where you are in your process, it is easy to clear everything out of the way that is not in service of where you are – so that you can be in your optimal creative vibration – knowing full well that eventually, the pendulum will swing, and swing back again, everything in its own season.

About the Author: William Pacholski PPS Teacher
William has been studying artistry, creativity, spirituality, and psychic abilities his whole life. In 2015 he merged these passions and created Portland Psychic School, where he teaches full time. He also sees clients in private appointment online and in person. You can contact him directly at or 1-833-284-3258 x 700.

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@peepso_user_33(Alison Shields)
"We have all heard complex, spiritual truths said very plainly, very simply"... A wise man once told me. Namaste William.
@peepso_user_27(Courtney Moore)
This is so beautifully written.
4 months ago 4 months ago
@peepso_user_33(Alison Shields)
@peepso_user_27(Courtney Moore). I know, I keep falling in love with his prose, it's like jewelry
4 months ago 4 months ago
@peepso_user_48(Norina Beck)
Thank you William! This killed a few perfect pictures that really needed to go.
4 months ago 4 months ago