Healing the Healer

For most of us healers, we naturally fixate on the problems of the ones we heal. Our natural talents become focused on the benefit of someone else – our value as a healer becomes about how other people experience our healing. Heck you might be really good at solving someone else’s problems – In most cases it’s easier to fix someone else’s problems than your own. But if you are dependent on someone else receiving your healing to feel good about yourself, it can be easy to lose sight or sense of your own value – who you are to you, who you know you to be – as a healer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a son, a lover.

This is the time to be psychic.

This time in history will be remembered as a health crisis, and that’s what’s happening in the body, in the physical. But it will also be seen historically as a crisis of spirit – and by that I mean a crisis of meaning, and that’s something happening in the energy of things. It’s a great time to be psychic.

The Phantom Note by William Pacholski

The Phantom Note

What’s nearly impossible in the day-to-day is to hold attention in that magical space in between. This space is like where you just wake from a dream and you’re in both places at once, the place where you are aware of your dreaming self and your waking self at the same time. Being aware of both the lived experience and the energy or the meaning behind it.