Psychic is an everyday way of being

Everyday is an adjective that means commonplace, ordinary, or normal.

You are psychic every day, and being psychic is an everyday thing. It’s normal and human to be so, and you were born this way. The great thing about being psychic is that there’s plenty of it to go around. Because being psychic is within each of us, there is no shortage of psychics on earth. You can be psychic your way, and I can be psychic mine. Nobody gets to tell you or me that we are doing it wrong.

One of the best things about being open to your psychic abilities on a daily basis is that you can use them in your life, every day, to make it easier for you to create, succeed, and grow.

Psychic abilities aren’t limited to special events, they are something you can work with regularly. They won’t wear out, and in fact only grow stronger from regular use. If you listen to your intuition on a daily basis, you’ll know you can trust your intuition, and yourself. This is a fun way to live.

Being psychic is a choice you make.

Turning on your abilities is something you get to decide to do. You don’t need permission from anyone but yourself. It definitely helps to have other psychics to communicate to about your experience; you will want to have a quality psychic education, and to study with teachers that you trust.

It’s difficult to learn how to turn on and enhance your abilities simply by reading about them in books, though there are a lot of books that can inspire you to begin, and to look deeper once you begin.

If you want to be a musician, go to music school and practice, practice, practice. If you want to be a lawyer, get yourself into law school and study hard, pass your bar, and begin your practice. If you want to turn on your psychic and healing abilities, find good teachers and classes, and start to practice what you learn.

Don’t get stuck trying to prove your abilities are real.

Yes, you were born psychic, but it still takes some finesse to use your abilities. Even when you know your own psychic experiences to be real and true for you, you’ll run into those who scoff and tell you they aren’t real. Let the naysayers nay-say away, and go talk to the people who can have their spiritual abilities on and running.

Psychic abilities are spiritual abilities. You are a spiritual being in a body, having a human experience. Your spiritual abilities are as real as your physical abilities are, and also as unique to you as your DNA. You have your own way of experiencing energy, and if you take the time to turn on those abilities, open up and explore them, you’ll find your own language of being psychic too.

Imagine 20 psychics sitting in a room together, all giving a reading to the same person or event or energy.

In my world, this is a normal everyday happening, and a lot of fun too. Everyone will see the same thing through a different lens, each will have something to contribute. There is no one ‘correct’ way of being psychic, and each has something of value to bring, a view others may not see. Spiritual competition creates a wall of unconsciousness. If you get stuck in trying to prove your abilities, or be more psychic than someone else, you will be stuck in a prison of your own creation.

It works well to have your space, and allow everyone around you to have their abilities the way they choose. This will make it easier for you to see clearly, and to find your own answers using your abilities. When you decide to have being psychic, you grow spiritually as a result – it comes with the territory. This is one of the very best reasons to turn on being psychic, and use it in your daily life: you get to grow.

About the Author: Kris PPS Teacher
As a lifelong artist, Kris has worked in many art forms, including painting, film, and fashion. Her favorite art to practice is the art of clairvoyance, and as a teacher in Portland Psychic School's online clairvoyant training, she has the opportunity to teach others how to turn on this art for themselves. Kris sees private clients for readings and healings, online and in person. You can contact her directly at, or call 213-448-0503. Kris's website:

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Thank You Kris! I always appreciate reminders that we are not wrong, not alone, and can be different in the way we access and express this ability.
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