Getting to Know Your Astral Capabilities

Ever wake up from a dream knowing an answer to a question you were searching for? What about déjà vu? Or maybe there was a time when you came up with a brilliant idea in the most unlikely of places?

When we take these psychic experiences into consideration, all signs point to what we call the Astral.

So what the heck is the astral?

When we sleep, daydream, or have an out of body experience, we enter this cosmic playground within us and all around us. The word Astral derives from the Greek word “astra” meaning star. When psychic research was at an all-time high in the late 1800s/early 1900s, supernatural abilities were sometimes called “astral senses” which identified this phenomena coming from this vast, mysterious space.

The most intriguing detail about the astral is that it’s the place where dreams are happening and being created. In fact, every single act of creation happens in the astral first. When we don’t consider what is happening on the astral in our lifetime, we might only understand a portion of what we are capable of as spirit. To be clear, our astral capabilities are different from the capabilities of the body, but when the two are in communication with each other, magic always happens! You probably experienced this spark when learning how to ground for the first time or when you’ve given a clairvoyant reading.

If this is all true, then what are we actually capable of?

The answer is waiting to be realized in our dreams. When practicing the art of dreaming, there is a whole range of tools and abilities that we have access to —  from telepathy to astral traveling. The valuable part of all this is that we can start to discover information about who we are and what we desire at a deep spiritual level.

When one becomes conscious enough to their astral capabilities, they can start to reclaim their limitless, imaginative self. What that actually means is, what was perceived to be impossible or unfathomable starts to have potentiality and possibility — daring the Dreamer to dream something new.

So the verdict is, dream well and dream often because you never know what you might be capable of.

About the Author: Ryan Fukuda PPS Teacher
Ryan Fukuda is the Director of the Astral Program and teaches in the Meditation and Clairvoyant Programs at Portland Psychic School. He maintains a private reading, healing and channeling practice.

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