Every Step You Take, Every Mockup You Make

Every moment in your life has led you to this moment, right now, reading this blog post. I don’t mean that in a flowery “everything happens for a reason” kind of way, I mean it specifically, intentionally, and in a very real way.

Decisions you made long ago, steps you took, relationships you made or ended, choices you made in the energy you agreed or disagreed with – these things have all contributed in tiny ways to the place where you now find yourself in your life. Personal growth you’ve participated in, either intentionally or be accident, has accelerated or decelerated your movement forward, but has been influential and part of your movement forward none-the-less.

I mean this for your brilliant wins and successes, and I mean this for your epic failures and dismal moments of shock and awe at the disasters that you see before you. I mean this in the little things – staring into an empty pantry at a lack of snacks – “whoops, didn’t make time for the market this week!” – and I mean this for the big things – like waking up, as I recently did, at 41 and wondering why I’m still single. (For the record, I do know, it’s just nice to ask and then remind myself sometimes.)

In the Psychic Meditation form, we teach a tool called making a mockup, which is all about creating a construct of energy for an experience that you want to have. In a way, it’s charting a course into your own life experience; creating in energy the thing that you eventually want to have and know in the body. Because everything happens in energy first. It’s different than manifestation, it’s different that wishing something to be true.

Every moment of your life is your mockup; it’s the dream or imagining of you in past time. In a way, this moment was created long ago. You’re simply stepping onstage to act in it.

You can resist it, fight it, be victimized by it – or you can own it.

The hardest part of this truth is that in this knowingness, there can be no room for victims. The most challenging part of this truth is owning that you yourself contributed to the flow of energy that brought you to this place and time in your life. Sure, there are millions of outside influences one must content with each and every day that threaten to derail you, make you have to re-imagine the destination on the fly, chart a new course, or change direction abruptly – which can be unsettling, sad, or even punishing. But it’s your response to these energies that matters most in owning your mockups. For if you own each moment – without being in victim energy – the next step forward is yours to own as well.

Let’s take for instance adversity, recessions, pandemics. Setbacks and struggles and months stuck inside. Uncertainty and cramped quarters and a collapse of confidence. What to say to the looming question that has so many people scared—“What if things get worse?”

If that’s what you are imagining, if that’s what you are creating in energy, that is what you are creating.

It would be easy to point fingers and be victimized by all the of the unconsciousness as a culture and a society that brought us to this extreme breaking point where the lows seem at their lowest. But what good does that do? Instead, what if we owned that our own choices and unconsciousness led us to this exact moment. That nothing is incorrect or wrong about what has happened; it is the effect of the millions of choices over decades. If we were to own this moment, where we find ourselves, we might say what Bruce Springsteen said: 

Bring on your wrecking ball 

Come on and take your best shot, let me see what you’ve got 

Bring on your wrecking ball

Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher, and a very good psychic, didn’t believe that it was unfortunate that bad things happened to him. He said, “No, this is fortunate that it happened to me.” Because not everyone would have been able to handle it. This is our time, and we have brought ourselves here because we can handle it. This is our growth period to have. It’s waiting for us to step into it – in ownership, not victimhood. As goes the world, so goes your own personal challenges.

The psychic who has ownership of their space and energy can handle this, because the psychic knows how to direct and change energy. As a psychic you train for this – in the hard knocks school of life; by harnessing your abilities and sensitivities to give you the edge over whatever is thrown at you. Because you know how to find opportunity inside of difficulty, how to see truth clearly, and because you treat each and every mockup—no matter how challenging—as something to be lived, not avoided. To not only be okay with it, but love it and be better for it. So that like oxygen to a fire, obstacles and energy blocks become fuel for your your dreams and desires. This is your growth. This is how you grow in spirit.

But it takes incredible courage, ever evolving mastery of energy tools, and of course a little bit of luck on your side to take that step into the unknown – into the future that hasn’t been created. Here we can lean on Marcus Aurelius’s timeless wisdom: “a blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.” Which pairs nicely with Friedrich Nietzsche’s formula for greatness: “Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it….but love it.”

The psychics I know and admire say: Bring it on. They say hit me with your best shot. Because they have plans to use the experience for their own growth and evolution. Because they are going to step up and make something of each and every moment – of each and every mockup. Because as a psychic, you know your own creative spirit has brought you here, to this time and place, as no accident. You are uniquely equipt to handle your life – if you’re running your own energy – consciously, with enthusiasm, and with courage. Because you know that’s the only part of this that’s up to you.

About the Author: William Pacholski PPS Teacher
William has been studying artistry, creativity, spirituality, and psychic abilities his whole life. In 2015 he merged these passions and created Portland Psychic School, where he teaches full time. He also sees clients in private appointment online and in person. You can contact him directly at william@portlandpsychic.school or 1-833-284-3258 x 700.

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This blog is such a gift, William, I keep re-reading it, for comfort and inspiration. It is definitely up there with one of the great locker room/eve of battle speeches of all time. Thank you.