Clairvoyant Graduate Testimonials

Clairvoyant Graduate Testimonials

“At a certain point in my training, I became aware of something that had fused together within me. At first I didn’t know what it was, but I was aware of it even though I couldn’t describe it. I started to realize that it’s ok for me to be the kind of man that I always knew I was. I tend to be more introverted, and I always felt judged about that. I can be simple, I can run my energy at a lower vibration, I can operate at a slower pace, and I can separate myself energetically from the world around me, and it’s all going to be ok. When I can be myself in my own space and in the world, it truly is a magical and awesome experience. I got to have that in this training.”

Shea – Graduate

A number of months back I was looking for a Portland-based meditation class and I stumbled upon The Portland Psychic School. As someone who has identified as “intuitive” my whole life, I was very stoked to see that their meditation class was quite specific to intuition and the movement of energy. I’ve never been someone who has felt that meditation came easy, so this class seemed like a good first place to start. After a four-week meditation class I was floored with how effective the methods that they taught were. These methods helped me to ground, move energy and begin to truly own my own space (energetically and otherwise). I’ve honestly been looking for mentors and a program like this my whole life and I feel like I’ve found my “home” at PPS. The only way I won’t be signing up for ALL the programs they offer is if they won’t have me! I’m not sure what I plan to “do” with this program as I already run a business and have a busy life, but I will say that this program has already positively impacted my life and business in many way that were unexpected…so the money I’ve spent has been well worth it.

Anna L. – Graduate

“Learning how to read energy Clairvoyantly has opened the framework of my perception. I am now able to determine the energy of a situation or person before words. It is a deep dive into a realm within us all. More expansion and possibilities are available as a direct result of being psychic and being able to control my reality and have direct information quickly. Life starts feeling more like a game you are playing and the fun starts rolling in once you learn how to tune into what is really you and discern what isn’t. Meditation has become a key to everything I desire. I am happy I take the time to meditate every day, it has changed my entire life, and I feel lighter and more alive. I love being able to see, read and sense auras and energy; it brings an a new, fun, and dynamic dimension to my life.”

Jennifer – Graduate

“I had thousands and zero expectations for the Clairvoyant training all at the same time. I thought I would be a whole new person and yet still be the same me. While this is true, I didn’t expect the foundation of myself to change. I interact with the world differently now and I can’t go back to how I was, nor would I want to. I also thought learning to be a Clairvoyant would be impossible. However, I learned it was actually very obtainable and the hardest part of the training, for me, was/is being seen. I have always been very selective about who sees me and who doesn’t. This training has taught me that I don’t need to hide because I have the tools to navigate around the energy that comes with being seen. I am still very much in a growth period about this, and I am definitely making up for all the resisting I’ve done in the past, but I finally get to have myself and my abilities for me!”

Rachel C – Graduate

“Signing up for Clairvoyant training, I had a lot of expectations and ideas around the word “psychic.” I was thinking that the training would make me psychic, and afterwards I would be in a state of perpetually reading people’s desires, their past, their destinies. I imagined that I would learn to walk between the raindrops, and turn off the sun. I thought I would find everyone else’s answer. Quite simply, all of my pictures of what it is to be psychic revolved around other people, and solving their problems. What the training turned out to be was very different, though no less magical. I found out that I was the stranger in my own life. That I had been carrying around all kinds of things that didn’t even belong to me. That never belonged to me. I started to find my own energy somewhere along the way, and I realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with it, that it wasn’t a problem that needed to be solved. The cool thing, is that as I started to tap into myself, and started to come into myself, the magic of walking through the raindrops and turning on the sun started to indeed happen. I did read people’s desires, pasts, and destinies. It just didn’t look anything like how I had imagined it. It turned out to be much better.”

Nathan – Graduate

“‘Transformational’… Is the word that best describes the Clairvoyant Training at the Portland Psychic School. Not only have my abilities blossomed but my life has began to shift in magical ways! The staff at the school are not only impressive psychics but amazing teachers! They have developed a program with a level of quality, professionalism, and credibility that is hard to match within this space!”

Krissy – Graduate

“I came to Portland Psychic School wanting to tap into a greater level of awareness in all aspects of my life. The Clairvoyant Training is teaching me how to see energy with clarity and discernment, but, in plainer terms: reading energy allows me to experience life in all the Technicolor details and have the volume turned up to 11. The PPS teachers are all wonderfully enthusiastic about the value of being psychic, yet they’re incredibly sensitive to the delicate process of opening one’s awareness. Each class is a rich experience and thoughtfully paced; the practice readings are absolutely invaluable. PPS is a safe, welcoming, supportive space to learn to use my psychic tools and, in turn, to discover my own truth. The more I learn, the more I want to know. It’s pure magic.”

Carrie – Graduate

“My experience so far in the Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training has been surreal. It has provided me information and tools I didn’t know I was missing to be grounded and sensitive to energy in the world. The guidance and the process of the program is not to be underestimated; At first I wondered whether meditating everyday would help and if this was all even “real” or legitimate. The more I have just surrendered myself to the process, the more magical and real my psychic development has become. It is apparent to me every day how psychic we actually are, and for many of us who are empathic, how often we are actually handling other peoples energies. The amount of time I feel more connected to my life by simply reading a situation and “knowing” where to find the answer or solution makes living sort of like a dream, except it’s actually happening.”

– Jesus – Graduate

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