I Love Healing

I used to think Healing was about fixing or solving. I wanted to tell someone my problems and have them solve it for me. The more I do this work, the more I know that there is nothing to fix or solve. I am not a problem, you are not a problem…it’s energy and it’s here to teach you something and help you heal. Are you open to listen?

Grounding changed my life and helped me to heal myself

The day I learned how to ground myself, I felt an immediate sense of relief and knowing. Until then, I didn’t know what I didn’t know – about what grounding could do for me. I had a vague idea that I needed to learn how to ground, and for a long while it was a big mystery as to how this would happen. Everyone I talked to about grounding had a different take on what it meant. I walked around for about a year saying ‘I need to learn how to ground myself’.

New Beginnings in 2020

After almost 5 years at Activspace in Slabtown, we are moving on May 1st into a newly renovated, historic building in Old Town – The Merchant Hotel.

Psychic is an everyday way of being

are psychic every day, and being psychic is an everyday thing. It’s normal and human to be so, and you were born this way. The great thing about being psychic is that there’s plenty of it to go around. Because being psychic is within each of us, there is no shortage of psychics on earth.

On Having a Vision

This new year there is an opportunity to create something new. You can create something new at any time of the year but I do like the traditions that come with the new year. One thing on my mind recently has been having a vision for your life.

The Phantom Note by William Pacholski

The Phantom Note

What’s nearly impossible in the day-to-day is to hold attention in that magical space in between. This space is like where you just wake from a dream and you’re in both places at once, the place where you are aware of your dreaming self and your waking self at the same time. Being aware of both the lived experience and the energy or the meaning behind it.

What happens when you match to the energy vibration of the world around you?

There’s an endless assortment of energetic choices available daily, and everyone of us has the ability to work with one energy vibration or another. Or maybe a few all at once. An energy vibration is a tone or range of tones of energy. Everything and everyone has energy, it’s everywhere you look. You can run the energy of your family, a friend, someone you saw in a movie, or a problem you’re trying to solve.

How does meditation help you with being psychic?

Being psychic is natural and human. Each of us possesses the ability to be psychic, though not everyone is aware of having it, or even wants it. There’s a lot of baggage, ie; energy, on being psychic and what it means.